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zOTA App Manage

App Management without the Need of an App Store

App updating is important to fix security vulnerabilities in older app versions as well as to fix other stability issues and to increase the performance of applications. App publishers however cannot provide these updates for their respective apps if no mechanism in form of installed app store is available on a device. This is true for hardware with no Google certification or for corporates, whose own apps are not listed in the Google Play store. Due to security reasons, especially corporate apps are often not listed in a public app store.

Furthermore, it has been a challenge to manage single purpose devices. On these devices generally only one or more specific apps for a certain purpose (e.g. communication gateway, payment terminal, display screen) are installed and often no app store is available and hence can support the management of those apps. As a consequence, the APK and updates of it have to be manually installed on each single device. This is time-consuming or simply not possible because of remote working employees.

Zertisa´s zOTA App Manage Offering

Zertisa has taken the initiative and has developed a simple and elegant solution to assist customers in managing their apps. With zOTA App Manage, this process can be automated and centralized without the need of an app store and regardless of the device type and OS version. The app management is done via Zertisa´s easy-to-use management portal and app installations, updates or downgrades are delivered to the devices over-the-air. Hereby, Zertisa´s back-end respects all requirements from a technological standpoint (e.g. localization rules, hardware requirements). This allows addressing users in different departments or different regions with different customization app packages. Zertisa´s solution is especially useful for managing single purpose devices.


  • Roll-out, updating & downgrading of apps on devices without the need for an app store
  • Flexible integration within
    customer´s application or on customer´s devices
  • Possibility to force app installations, updates or downgrades without user consent
  • Easy-to-use management portal