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Business Ready Android Devices Allow Device Configuration

Every technical device needs an operating system. In the mobile space most devices (smartphones and tablets) are rolled out today with an Android based operating system for which Google provides the base source code. Today, all hardware manufacturers together deliver more than one billion mostly consumer-based mass market Android devices, while in the next years this number is expected to increase even further.

Experience has shown that these consumer-based mass market devices often do not meet the specific needs and requirements of corporate customers. Enterprises are looking for devices which allow them to customize or configure the look & feel of the devices, to independently provision enterprise software and apps, to implement different configurations for different user groups and most importantly to respect security needs of the corporate organization. In addition, enterprises use so called single purpose devices with limited functionalities for specific requirements. As a consequence, mass market devices cannot be considered and custom ROMs are most of the time not economically feasible for smaller quantities. Corporates are thus stuck between an inadequate mass market device and an expensive tailor-made solution.

Business Ready ROM Allows Easy Device Configuration

Zertisa’s Business Readiness initiative has an answer to this challenge and offers corporate customers Business Ready Android device solutions with its partners. As part of that, the original Android ROM gets enhanced with certain features for business use, e.g.:

  • the provisioning of a kiosk mode,
  • the exchange of the launcher,
  • the disabling of apps and/or app stores,
  • the seamless integration of third party or enterprises applications,
  • the automatic configuration of a MDM solution,
  • the deactivation of hardware components ,e.g. USB port or camera,
  • etc.

In addition to the aforementioned features, devices can be configured or customized using Zertisa’s zOTA Customize solution (e.g. boot animation, wallpapers, applications, address book entries).

Combined, Zertisa’s Business Readiness offering translates into a new and flexible solution for corporates and allows them to profit from a tailor-made solution in flexible quantities.

Custom ROM

There might be some use cases for which the Business Ready ROM is not sufficient and customers need a more individual configuration of their Android ROM. Furthermore, hardware manufactures or corporates might want to get developed their own individual custom ROMs.

Zertisa is the right partner for hardware manufacturers, telecommunications operators and large corporates who need a custom ROM with specific configurations. Zertisa together with its partners provides a ready to use custom ROM in combination with its zOTA Software Management Platform and also supports the provision of such a custom ROM to devices over-the-air.