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zOTA Customize

Customized & Personalized Android Devices

Developments in different industries (e.g. cars, shoes, clothes) have demonstrated the demand for customized goods in order to be able to express uniqueness and to stand out. In addition, consumers and enterprises are willing to pay a premium for it. The electronics sector, however, is the latest to respond to this trend. It first responded to the market demand with special hardware designs, moved towards additional gadgets like colored phone cases and now awaits the next differentiator: Software customization.

zOTA Customize: Zertisa´s Customization Solution for Android Devices

Zertisa´s innovative zOTA Customize solution enables customers to transform standard devices into personalized and customized devices which just make the difference. With the zOTA Customize solution, Zertisa empowers its customers to customize their standard Android devices for different customer or user groups, for different countries or for different themes. When a customization is ready, it can easily be rolled out over-the-air to the customer´s device with the use of Zertisa´s zOTA solution.


  • Customers get offered customized devices they desire without the need for customized inventory
  • No need to make customizations already at time of production
  • Just-in-time customization of devices over-the-air reduces time to market with unique products and increases flexibilities
  • Potential revenues increase due to additional offered products