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zOTA Device Branding

Easy & Flexible Branding of Devices

Brand awareness and recognition have always been important factors for hardware manufacturers and telecommunications operators. Successful players have heavily relied on building up their brand to boost future growth. As a consequence, it has been very important for these players to brand their devices with boot animations, wallpapers or ringtones. Furthermore, these players want to pre-install specific content such as applications or widgets on their Android devices at the time of device activation without any user interaction to have an additional source for device customization in the embattled commodity market. However today, device branding is only economically feasible for bigger quantities and can only be deployed in-factory. The big drawback of this in-factory procurement is that the branding of a device model needs a long lead time, cannot flexibly be changed for certain customer groups or certain events & editions (e.g. World Cup or Super Bowl edition). As a consequence, especially smaller operators and MVNOs have completely given up device branding.

zOTA Device Branding Offering

Zertisa’s zOTA Device Branding solution provides a whole new level of how to easily & flexibly brand Android devices in flexible quantities and on short notice. Zertisa´s customers get empowered to brand their devices (with features such as e.g. boot animation, wallpapers, ringtones, applications) in the way they want. This allows them to target different customer & user groups and to offer device brandings for certain events or certain limited editions. Since Zertisa´s deployed branding is not integrated in the Android firmware itself, there is no need to change any code or to re-apply for a Google certification. This gives customers the ability to quickly respond to market changes.


  • Just-in-time branding of devices over-the-air reduces time to market with unique products
  • Increase of brand awareness through branded devices
  • Easy management of branding with Zertisa´s management portal
  • Increase in flexibility in production as well as in the roll-out process
  • Solution is offered in a Software- or Infrastructure-as-a-Service model
  • Success tracking solution as part of zOTA offering
  • Unique solution to place content independently from OS