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Zertisa´s Software Suite

Customization & Management of Android Devices over the Full Device Lifecycle

Android is an open-source operating system and can, in comparison to other proprietary systems, be adapted for the needs of hardware manufacturers, telecommunications operators and large corporates to build and roll-out their own customized OS-versions. As a drawback of this openness, no central instance can take the responsibility, e.g. for providing software updates, for providing after-sales support, for placing content (e.g. push apps, widgets or notifications), for branding of devices or for rolling out and managing apps without an app store.

zOTA Software Suite Offering

Zertisa has taken this lead and provides a plug- and play device management software which supports Android players with a full device lifecycle management solution, including:

Customize & Manage

zOTA Customize

Offers an easy method 
to flexibly customize Android devices.

zOTA Manage

Roll-out & update
customized Android devices.

zOTA Zertnostics

Diagnose Android devices to
discover hardware malfunctions.


Content Placement

zOTA Device Branding

Brand Android devices
without changing the firmware.

zOTA Push

Place content on Android 
devices during the whole device lifecycle.

zOTA App Manage

Easily manage apps on Android 
devices without the need for an app store.

Android Customization

The big advantage of Zertisa´s technology is that it allows flexibly reacting to market needs and offering personalized Android devices with customized content packages for specific customer groups or countries and for different purposes (e.g. mass market customizations, corporate use cases and adaptions for single purpose devices). A customization can flexibly be done during the whole device lifecycle instead of only once in the factory. Furthermore, Zertisa´s technology offers a faster time-to-market with over-the-air deployment & customization when the user first turns on the device. Additionally, Zertisa´s zOTA Software Suite can be managed by one central or several decentralized admins.