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zOTA Push

Create an Additional Monetization Source for Android Devices

More than one million applications are available today and compete for the same visibility in mobile app stores. Except for a few very large players, all app publishers have the challenge of how to best distribute their apps. Therefore, third party marketing support can be an ideal way to boost growth of an app´s user base. Due to the steadily increasing popularity and high use of mobile devices, more and more different mobile distribution channels become available.

The biggest challenge is nevertheless the discovery of an app by the consumer. Unfortunately, most of the published content does not reach the consumer or is simply ignored by the end user. The placement of content on mobile devices including rich media notification is a new and intelligent way to approach the consumer and to become more visible.

zOTA Push: Zertisa´s zOTA Content Push Solution

Zertisa enables hardware manufacturers and operators to capitalize on their market power and to intelligently place content on end users´ devices. This translates in a higher conversion rate and hence, opens up new monetization opportunities for hardware manufacturers and operators. Therefore, Zertisa zOTA Push solution gives the answer to the question of how the industry can further profitably grow.

Zertisa´s solution allows to easily & flexibly place content (e.g. apps, widgets, wallpapers, notifications, text messages) on Android mobile devices independently from any ROM related update during the whole lifecycle of the devices. zOTA Push is managed via Zertisa’s easy-to-use management portal and is delivered to the devices just-in-time and over-the-air. Hereby, Zertisa’s back-end respects all requirements of the content providers from a technological standpoint (e.g. localization rules, hardware requirements). This allows addressing multiple customer groups and different regions with customized content packages.


  • Additional device monetization solution for the full device lifecycle
  • Unique technology to place content independently from OS
  • Easy-to-use management portal
  • Campaign functionality allows targeted distribution of content for specific timeframes & flexible quantities
  • Full service offering from content procurement to content delivery opens up new business opportunities
  • Zertisa has good relationships with a big number of publishers who want to place content
  • Success tracking solution as part of zOTA offering
  • Solution is offered in a Software- or Infrastructure-as-a-Service model
  • Respecting strict Data Privacy regulation of EU/Germany
  • Different operational modes (with user interaction vs. forced/silent)
  • Different options of how to distribute & how to update the placed content (via download, via redirect to app store, via pre-packaged content on device)