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zOTA Zertnostics

Device Diagnostics to Optimize After-Sales Customer Care

Customer care and after-sales support have always been important factors to achieve customer satisfaction and to create brand loyalty. Even though consumers often assume that any issue with their mobile device is related to a hardware or software defect, in most cases the problem lies in the users´ mal-usage of a device or a malfunctioning app. The consequence of this misunderstanding is often an expensive and time consuming customer care dialogue which not rarely ends up in a “No Defect Found” warranty return.

zOTA Zertnostics: Zertisa´s Device Diagnostics Solution

zOTA Zertnostics is an interactive & remote support module for the diagnostics of customers´ devices to discover hardware malfunctions. The solution is offered white labeled or branded and can also be well integrated into a customer´s user interface. zOTA Zertnostics is a module of Zertisa´s zOTA Software Suite and can easily be complemented by further value adding modules, e.g. zOTA Customize or zOTA Manage.

zOTA Zertnostics Features

The Zertnostics solution checks upon user´s initiation the most important hardware and software components of a mobile device. An incident report is displayed on the end user´s device and after the user grants the permission it is also sent to the hardware manufacturer´s or operator´s zOTA management portal.


  • Flexible & easy management of Android devices over the full device lifecycle using Zertisa´s integrated management portal
  • Optimized & faster customer care process due to Zertisa´s device diagnostics software
  • Reduction of return & repair quota and thereby decrease of service costs
  • Strictly respected data privacy rules